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Garbage disposal is a plumbing device that aids in the reduction of strong food odors while also protecting pipes from clogging. When you install a trash disposal in your kitchen sink, it aids in the breakdown of food waste and keeps it from blocking drains. This will not only keep your drains running freely, but it will also prevent your pipes from corrosion. When a garbage disposal is broken, food waste will start to accumulate in the pipes and eventually lead to clogs. It’s important to call for professional help as soon as possible when this happens to avoid further damage.

When a waste disposal malfunctions, the issue is readily apparent. If the lack of convenience isn’t enough to irritate you, the odors emitted by the garbage disposal will! Tilum Plumbers can assist you if your garbage disposal isn’t operating properly. In Chandler, Arizona, we provide trash disposal repair, replacement, and installation services. We have same-day appointments available, and our work is guaranteed. 

What are the Common Garbage Disposal Problems?

In the kitchen, garbage disposal systems are a workhorse. Before they have any problems, these machines munch through hundreds of pounds of garbage. As a consequence, we are frequently shocked when they have issues since we place our faith in their dependability. However, regardless of how dependable your unit has been, its job in chewing through dense waste ensures that a problem will arise.

The following are the most prevalent reasons of garbage disposal failures:

  • Putting too much food down the garbage disposal at once
  • Putting fibrous things in the garbage, such as banana peels or celery stems
  • Inadequate water was used to rinse the debris off the blades and into the drain.
  • Grease and cooking oils are allowed to accumulate on the blades.

Tilum Plumbers will assist you if you’re having problems with your garbage disposal. We provide the greatest plumbing services in Chandler, Arizona, and we’re always willing to assist.

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